Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bewildered. Just. Bewildered.

Actually, I shouldn't claim to be the one bewildered. 

That honor belongs to all the people who go to Book Butchers, allegedly read the site's information thoroughly, and then send notes through that say things like this:

"Need some details on complete services for editing and publishing."

I am curious. I have a book that is approx. 200,000 words. I have done the math and it looks like it would be really expensive. I am hopping my math is wrong. If you could give me a rough estimate, that would be wonderful."

Are they unable to read the very clear, very spelled-out parameters of this service...or are they simply hoping (or maybe hopping...that's a visual that's worth consideration) that despite those very clear, very spelled-out parameters, THEY'RE somehow going to work around them and get a "deal"?

The prices, the terms, and what you get for your money are very clearly delineated. And actually--it must be said--that even if you pay the lowest rate on this site, you get a TON of good work for the price. Not only is this Book Butchers' philosophy, but it also happens to be the way most editors (myself included) work: we can't help ourselves. We always give you more help than, technically, you're probably paying for.

But every day, we still get inquiries like the above, which--it also must be said--strike me as disingenuous at least.

People, if you can't understand the written English text on this site, get someone who DOES understand it to help you.

If, however, you understand it perfectly well but just want to be treated as the special snowflake you no doubt ARE...

You bewilder me. You simply do.
And a bewildered editor, by and large, doesn't tend to be a happy one.

Just sayin'. 


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Thankful, Thankful, and More Thankful

Thank GOD for the electoral college.

And thank GOD they remembered their legal responsibilities and performed them.

Well done, all. THANK YOU from the bottom of this conservative's heart. :-)


Monday, December 19, 2016

Liberal Math

Only in the weird, "common core" mind of a liberal can an electoral total over 300 be a mandate when it's for Obama...and a mistake when it's for Trump.

Give it up, kiddies. Your pathos is showing.