Friday, November 27, 2015

Nickels, Nickels, Nickels...New and Improved

In response to inquiries about how you, too, can have the Fabulous Ms M (otherwise known as me) edit your manuscript, here's a handy price breakdown. Share it with those you love, especially if those you love are writers with books to clean up! :-)

BASIC: Proofreading  
Defined as strictly checking for correctness of spelling, punctuation, sentence structure (if glaring), word usage, sense in general. Queries on any points that are not clear, but no changes made to them by editor. 
------------------------------------------------->$0.05 per word

INTERMEDIATE: Light editing
Defined as everything included in proofing, PLUS queries on minor plot points, suggested corrections or alternate words if needed, making sure sentence and paragraph structures are "clean." 
------------------------------------------------->$0.075 per word

COMPREHENSIVE: The "deep tissue massage" of editorial consultation
Defined as everything included in proofreading and light edits, PLUS substantive editing: here, I'll analyze your plot, your characters, and your conflicts; here, I'll mark anything that stops me in the course of a read, anything I can't believe, or anything that seems weaker than it can be. This step, obviously, is best when you're in the drafting stages, and it can save you money in the long run, but it's a more expensive alternative up front.
------------------------------------------------->$0.10 per word

ALTERNATIVELY, we can work on books on an hourly fee basis. Think in terms of $100 per hour, and I track time on Klok and other software to make sure you get value for your dollar.

What does this break down to?
For a 50,000-word manuscript...
you'll pay $1250 for proofreading,
$3,750 for a light edit, 
or $5,000 for "the works" based on a per-word rate.
Total bill by the hour would depend on how long the book takes to go through; we'd talk about that after I saw a couple of pages.

As a matter of fact, I do.

My offer for all potential clients is the same: Send me the first two pages (250 words each) of your manuscript (or about 500 words total) FOR FREE: I will mark them up in "comprehensive" style so you can see how I usually work (even when I'm proofreading, inevitably I'll also do some tweaking and commenting along the way). I'll use Word and Track Changes, so you can see what I do and why. If you like the way I work, we can progress on to the paid project, with appropriate deadlines and milestones. If not, just say, "No, thanks, Janny," and we'll call it a day. No obligation, no hard feelings.

SO IF YOU WANT TO TRY IT can be my guest. And yes, I've found that within two pages, we know if we'll work well together--as long as they're the FIRST TWO PAGES. Do not send any other part of the book, or you'll get a polite note back asking for the beginning. You see, the beginning tells ME where the book is, too...which gives me a lot better handle on how much work the manuscript may be, and what level of editing I'll recommend.

That's the scoop, lay of the land, and price list.
Feel free to share this anywhere you like. I'm always interested in taking new clients.
Questions? Write me anytime!