Monday, March 17, 2014

One More Time!

Fitting this should happen during Lent, the season where we prepare for resurrection....

FROM THE ASHES is coming out again--in its original incarnation as a traditional romance. I've been meaning to redo this book for awhile, and only didn't because the market for previously published romance out there is almost nil. But...I found a house that welcomes reprints, revised the book completely, and sent it in. They are thrilled with it and can't wait to publish it. And, yes, it's a small press. So there are all the small-press accoutrements thereunto. 


What's nice about this is I'm going to put myself out there as a traditional romance author, not as an inspy author. I can now neatly divide my publishing efforts between romantic suspense and traditional "sweet," and chances are I'll have at least one house ready to take either one. Especially if this book sells even modestly well, which I hope it will. This is my chance, I believe, to make that foray at last into selling "those little romances," which is why I got INTO this publishing game in the first place.

(Not, it must be said, to be an inspirational author. :-P)

More to come. Just got the e-mail this morning, with an attached contract. Time to sign and get cracking on FROM THE ASHES, the best little traditional romance that hopefully more people will hear of this time!