Friday, April 19, 2013

A Very Wise Person Once Said...

...that any time you spend on social media is time you DON'T spend writing.
Including time spent blogging.
And it's true.

I've had this blog for a long time--especially since it's had more than one incarnation, and at one time I even had more than one blog. So I've been doubly spread at times, and it's shown.
For a long, long time, I've been devoting a scandalously small amount of time to my actual fiction writing--yet still devoting some time to this blog, to Facebook, and to a number of other places.

This has not made me happy.

But I've done it anyway. Why doesn't matter.
Let's just say my perspective has shifted.
And yes, I know I've promised that my perspective was going to shift before.
But now, it's become crystal clear to me that one thing matters.
And it's the one thing I've been neglecting the most in my career.

So it's time, at this point, to clear out ALL other distractions...and just get on with the writing.
I don't need to spend any more time talking about sports on here.
Or politics.
Or religion.
Or food.
Or even fun stuff.

Because every moment I've spent on this blog, worthwhile as some of those moments have been, has been a moment I've spent away from writing.
And spending time away from fiction writing is not what I've been put on this earth to do.

So this blog is going away.
Or at least I am.

I will leave it up for a while, so those of you who like this place can read older posts, comment, enjoy them, etc. 
But I will not be updating it anymore, and eventually, I plan to take it down.

Grab the info while you can, and thank you for reading.
If you'd like to check out where I am, "like" my author Facebook page--tentatively, that's the one place I plan to leave UP after all the sawdust is swept away.

Until further notice, then...
...thanks for listening.