Sunday, April 29, 2012


...the condescending, supercilious responses coming from some so-called Christians to this woman's blog and ACFW list post/preface, which read as follows:

I do believe we have a lot of quality writers in this organization.  With the post below, I'd like to challenge at least a handful of you to seriously consider branching out to the mainstream (or "crossover" at the very least) market.  Why?  Because the standards are generally higher, because it's a way to be recognized in the larger writing world, and though you won't be able to give a "plan of salvation," you can certainly leave marks of beauty in your work and whiffs of a hopeful worldview, and our world desperately needs that.
If I were still in ACFW, I would have left it TODAY after seeing some of the responses to this simple statement. It's not pleasant, apparently, to have one's cage rattled with too much of the truth. But there are no words scathing enough for the treatment some ACFW members are giving this woman for speaking aloud the fact that their emperor's been naked for some time. When you simply don't want to face that, you tell someone they're "insulting" you. Yeah. That makes your side right. 

That's why I like being a Catholic so much. I don't feel entitled to hold onto so much damned self-righteousness and spiritual superiority that I can wield like a weapon to "keep someone in line." OTOH, these so-called "Christians" are so smug about being "on God's side" that they don't know the truth when it walks up and smacks 'em across the eyes.

Examinations of conscience before the sacrament of Penance are great antidotes for this type of thing. Unfortunately, most of these folks would have no use for THAT, either.



Monday, April 16, 2012

Oh, Well, That Was A Brief, Shining Moment...

...referring of course to my brief sojourn above #50 in the popularity lists of Desert Breeze/Amazon. How the mighty have fallen! :-P 
On another subject entirely, does anyone else HATE this new Blogger interface as much as I do? I've had this blog since 2005 or so, and for the first time, I'm seriously considering moving to another blogging format. Between the almost unintelligible "dashboard" and the inability to make new posts function correctly...  
It's enough to make a woman tear out what little hair she has.  
Of course, I have no time to tear hair. I have 12+ project files on my Klok time-tracking software, each file representing either an employer/client or other writing-related work.

And while it's true that none of these is what you'd call a "full time gig," together...they make up a formidable set of ways to keep one chained to a keyboard all day long, and as much of the night as I personally wanna give up.

And that's without spending any time on my own fiction writing in a MONTH. Something's gotta give. Let's see if I can come up with a creative way to figure out WHAT.


Monday, April 09, 2012

Movin' On Up!

This is cool! To see why, scroll down the page. :-) 
The last time I had checked this "popularity" page, my book was something like #185. this made my Easter! 
If you haven't read or bought this book (and three or four for your friends), now would be a splendid time to do it--and raise it to #1! 
Happy spring! More in a trice...