Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crisis averted, sort of...

Well, the dust has settled. And I did the thing I swore I wouldn't do, which was take from the budget to go to ACFW. But something kept telling me to do it. I don't know what the "something" was...whether it was just my, "Oh, fer pete's sake, I need a getaway," or whether it was the voice of God. (You know the old saying--if you talk to God, you're praying, but if you hear from God, you're schizophrenic? 'Nuff said.)

It was a great experience overall, although until the very last moment (pretty much literally) I still wasn't sure if I'd actually make it to Indy, make it there when I wanted to be there, or have a hotel room--or TWO hotel rooms--or roommates--or...(agh!). And yes, there were the usual political goings-on that happen in large organizations, things that set our teeth on edge, things that were eye-rollers. I found I had little patience with "worship" this year,  for a number of reasons...so I did my best to blow most of it off. I made it a point to attend the Sunday morning session to see the choir sing, however, which was worth the trip. So...food was good, Indy was good (although there were far too many annoying Colts fans), the weather was good, the rental car was OK, the room was fabulous, the pool was relaxing, the church was awesome.

But now I get to play catchup moneywise, which is always an adventure of another sort.

And once again, I find myself thinking mutinous thoughts--and widely contrasting ones.

I'll post more in the next few days, but I have to organize it first. As for today, it's a vacation day--my "cushion" day I always try to build in after a conference/travel situation like this. It'll be well worth the time, even if it is going to be 90 degrees outside today. Bring on fall, is what I'm saying. And it can't come soon enough for this woman, who is thoroughly sick of air conditioning and summer heat. It's almost the end of September, already. Let's get ON with the cool weather!!!!

More in a bit,