Friday, May 05, 2017

There's a Reason.

There's always a reason. For everything.

And there's a reason you haven't heard anything from me for over a month.
In fact, on the evening of the very day of the last post here--before this--my husband hunkered down for the night worker's normal daytime sleep...and never woke back up.

On March 31, at about 6:30 in the evening, I went to rouse him for dinner and found him...unresponsive.

It was the day I joined the New Widows Club.
This is not a club that any of my fellow widows were in any hurry to invite me to join.
We have been coping ever since.
What we have NOT been doing, however, is blogging.

Those of you who are occasionally interested in this, that is the reason it's been absent.
It remains to be seen if I will blog about anything, at any time, in the future.

Stay tuned if you like, read past posts if you've a mind to. 
But I can't promise there's any more coming.