Sunday, February 10, 2013

Slugville Sunday

This weekend, I have been a slug.
Well, okay...mostly today I have been a slug.
Only it's a different kind of slug, and a much better kind, than I might have been.

Most of the time if I think of being a slug, I think of those days when you lie around, don't do much of anything except go to church if it's a Sunday, call for pizza, watch reality TV or a bunch of ball games, sit outside by the fire pit, or a combination of all of these. 
You know. Slugville.
Slugville can include a nap, but I give a wide allowance for naps--in my experience, when I nap, I need a nap, and it has nothing to do with being a slug. :-)

But the kind of Slugville I did today was crawling inside my Writing Den and coming out only when I had to.
Was commentator at 8 AM Mass, delivered my baked goods to Open Door, and then went into the Writing Cave for a couple of hours.
I came out to make spaghetti for lunch, cleaned up the kitchen, and spent a little while with the hub before he went to work...but even then, between times with him, I was slugging it out in the office again.
Once he left for work, I started a load of laundry, then went back to Slugville and stayed there a looooong time.
What was I doing?

Sounds obvious, doesn't it? But it hasn't been easy.
I've had to re-learn how to spend hours just...writing.
Not surfing around on the Net, although I did my share of that, too.
Not playing on Facebook, although I did check in regularly.
But most of the time, I was writing.
First, I did some work on one freelance assignment. Knocked out one story out of twelve I've got to work on this week.
Then, I did some more work on Callie.
Then, I had a break--something to eat and an episode of Sue Thomas, F.B. Eye
(The DVR is my Friend.)
Then, I got an invitation to "interview" for another writing gig on oDesk, took a look at it, told the client what I could do, got hired, and knocked out that assignment this evening...
...around writing more on Callie.

And now, it's 11 PM, and what am I still doing?
If I didn't have to sleep eventually, I feel like I could just bounce from one Word document to another and keep it up all night.
I can't do that. I'm not a night person.
But the muse has finally decided that, yes, it's time to Write All Day Long.

There's only one problem with this variety of Slugville, and that's that I get No Exercise.
(other than running up and down stairs to feed cats, change out laundry loads, or the like.)
So I need to remember to get up and do some exercise tomorrow.
Because I fully intend, having moved into Slugville, to stay there awhile.

In between, of course, things like Choral Union...
...getting stuff weeded out around the house in preparation for moving...
...and tending to Life Intrusions of other kinds.

But it's been a grand day in Slugville.
This is the kind of writing day in which one can go for 10 hours, give or take some breaks, and not feel tired.
One keeps feeling like, "Hey, maybe I can do a couple more paragraphs on _____."

One does have to stop eventually.
But while one is slugging along, one doesn't feel like one has to stop...ever.
And that, my friends, is a very nice feeling indeed.

Slug it out this week!

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