Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sigh. And Grin.

Well, I did not final in the Harlequin contest.
Of course, the editors are tweeting all over the place that just because you didn't final doesn't mean they won't be getting in touch with you...if they found your entry "intriguing."

I could hold my breath, but that'd make it hard to sing tomorrow night. :-)
I DO have other plans for the manuscript I sent them, as well---or actually, for the idea behind the manuscript I sent them. But this was an experiment: I wanted to see it get in front of more eyeballs to see if it could pull out complete strangers to vote for it.

Until I know how many votes it DID get--and I doubt I'll ever know that--there's no way to gauge the impact my entry may, or may not, have had upon strange eyeballs. 

Ah, well. There are better things to feast one's eyeballs THIS:

My son Matt and his bride, Deirdre...October 5, 2012. MOMGRIN TIME!

(heh heh)


Patty said...

Congrats on your son's wedding! The look very happy. :)

And just because this one didn't win a contest doesn't mean it wouldn't be a fit for Harlequin... I might hold my breath a TINY bit if I were you... ;)

Janny said...

LOL! By the time Harlequin gets around to contacting me, if they do, I might have morphed this book into something very different. So we'll see.

As for the wedding...they dated for over five years before deciding to tie the knot, and we've known the family for a long time--from when the kids were in high school. So it's a truly joyous event all the way around. :-)

I have to get used to being a mother-in-law now, tho... (gulp)