Monday, June 11, 2012

I Dunno About You, But I'm Really, REALLY Tired Of...

...the whole practice of labeling people "haters" in today's culture.

Mind you, nine times out of ten, the concept doesn't actually apply to anyone who DOES hate or is actually EXPRESSING hatred. Our culture is fond of referring to people with real LIVE hatred as having anything BUT that in their souls. They have "anger issues," or "inaccurate perceptions," or all kind of other nonsense instead of us just calling the spade a spade and being done with it.

But then, in turn, calling that spade a spade makes you a...hater.

I posted the following on Facebook, just now. 

A thought: 
Merely pointing out a public figure's weaknesses, hypocrisies, failings, or outright lies doesn't constitute HATING, and it doesn't make anyone a "hater." In many cases, it's an honest attempt to assess a person's character and achievements without either rose-colored glasses or tinfoil. :-) And it especially doesn't apply merely because MY assessment of that public figure is different from YOURS. Or is that much nuance beyond the scope of people nowadays to understand?

...Maybe it's a hopeless cause. But maybe not. Maybe if enough of us start saying it, like Chinese water'll start wearing some grooves of sense back into someone's gray matter. 
It's worth a shot.

At least maybe it'll force them to find another vocabulary word. :-)


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Love your style! maybe we can follow each ohter?:X