Saturday, May 05, 2012

Climbing the Ladder of Success...Braced on the Wrong Building?

It wasn't a banner end of the week around CFWC place.
Got a royalty statement recently that was...well...shall we say...less than what I'd hoped for.
The day after one of my freelance contracts dumped me for greener pastures. (Yes, they did pay me, and yes, they didn't damn me with faint praise--but it was a sudden, unexpected "dump" and left me without one of my key income producers of late.)
So instead of "flush with success," I was having one of those times when the writing just feels...flushed.
(You know what I mean.) steps my husband, knight in shining armor, light of my life, yatta, yatta. Smiles at me and says, "You're a working writer."
To which I said, quite suddenly, "I'm sick of being a working writer--I want to be a sitting-back-and-collecting-royalties-writer!"
Uh, yup.
Isn't it a kick when you finally discover your true calling!

Now, how can I make that jump? Preferably yesterday?

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Donna Alice said...

Yeah, the working writer part has to come before the sit back and collect royalties part - a sad fact of life. If we could just click our ruby slippers and IMAGINE a book all written, what a world that would be! Hugs!