Monday, November 28, 2011

Well, Okay, Maybe I Don't Need a Spreadsheet Yet!

...but I do need a Google Books page!
...that is, if that's within the scope of my publishing contract to do.
More to come on that.

In the meantime, I've seen a great author "cyber release" party invitation on Facebook. Think I'll set one of those up. Stay tuned here for more details...I LOVE cyber-parties. I poured and served drinks for several cyber-parties in the old AOL Writers Club area, years ago. 25+ people in a chat room is, lemme tell you, chaos personified. I think we almost brought the whole system down a couple of times.

Ahhh, for those glory days of partying like it was 1995. :-) (Actually, it WAS 1995, which helped.)

Anyway, since I have a very, very small list so far of book promotional stuff...maybe I don't need a spreadsheet first. Maybe I just need to set up 1,427 cyber-connections of some kind so that when that magic day of January 15 hits, you can all hit it back...with a show of BOOK ORDERS!

Off to try to make some worthwhile contribution,

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