Sunday, November 06, 2011

The New Guilty Pleasure... CFWC place is watching "chick flick" movies on Lifetime Movie Network and the Hallmark Movie Channel.

Uh-yup. The woman who writes psychopaths only a mother could love, in her heart of hearts, also wants to write sweet romantic stuff that makes people cry and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


I consider it filling the well. :-)

Actually, I consider it scoping out the market. I have long thought that my books would translate to the screen with the greatest of ease. When From the Ashes came out, people even told me that they could "see" that book in their heads. Exactly what I wanted. And I've had the opening sequence of one particular book in my head for years. Of course, that book has changed over those years...but...okay, minor detail.

But with VOI on its way to screens, e-readers, and handhelds everywhere soon...why shouldn't it be on its way to a movie option as well?

Anyone have contacts at Lifetime Movie Network or Hallmark Channel? Give me a holler if you do!


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