Monday, April 11, 2011

It's Synopsis Week at CFWC place!

...and we're pulling inspiration from any places we can think of.
First, some nifty pictures of one heroine's name.... 

and then another's.

Why do my heroines have these names? You'll have to sit tight and wait for the stories to come out to know that. (heh heh heh)
Also keyed in the synopsis for the new version of Rainman's Bride. The one with the woo-woo. (Right, like anything I write nowadays doesn't have "woo woo" in it? But...I digress.) (Actually, one of my stories doesn't have any woo-woo in it. It's no accident that one's stalled out right now.)
My only problem now is that I need to be cloned; I have too many stories to write and not enough fingers or hours in the day to do them. This is, of course, working around the attempts to actually do paying work as well...(!)
le sigh.
Updated pitch count: 38 pitches, 20 rejects. Just got one rejection this morning. Happy Monday, non?

More in a bit,

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Mess that is Real Life

A thousand pardons, faithful readers...for my long absence here.
Yeah, I know I've promised to blog more faithfully before. Yup. Probably won't do a great job of keeping that promise this time, either.
But I'll try.

I'm thinking this is going to turn into another rambling personal insight blog instead of writing about writing and writing some more.   Just sayin'.

We'll see what happens.
Current totals: 38 agents pitched with VOI, 19 rejections so far.
We press on.