Tuesday, December 07, 2010

If This Isn't a Quote of the Day, It Oughta Be

"The gift of wine warms the soul and creates an experience with memories that will be cherished long after the occasion is over."

Isn't that simply marvelous? I mean, it's hokey as hell, but I love hokey, so that in itself doesn't disqualify anything. :-)
But I freely admit, I'm especially fond of the "warms the soul" part. :-)

I stole it from an e-mail from Franciscan Estates, which has gotten it into their heads that I want to order great quantities of wine for gifts, or for whatever. I DO...only most winemakers and wine merchants, for whatever reason, cannot deliver to Indiana. 
So it's kind of a waste of time to order wine gifts that cannot be delivered to...me.

I do want wine, however, and a sizable quantity of same, as I have just received REJECTION #1 from the list of agents to whom I have sent my latest submissions.

I don't intend to overindulge...but if you're pouring, I'll be right over. I could use a bit of soul-warming right about now.

Just sayin'.