Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Okay, Now I'm Officially Gonna Beg

If you have ever, and I mean EVER, thought this blog was worthwhile and you'd like to see the CWC continue to operate without losing too much sleep...

I have a donation button over on the side, and I would be truly blessed if you used it. :-)

The immediate needs:
--DH's prescriptions, which ran over budget
--Desperately needed work on both cars (like rear brakes, trans work, and body repair on the van PM commutes in, engine work and brake work on the Stratus, and tires for both)
--Needed work on house (everything from carpet cleaning to floor repairs)
--Spare money for groceries, utility catch-up, and medical bill repayment

Other bloggers have successfully managed to raise enough funds for, say, putting their cars back together and/or paying off a looming bill. The cars are pretty desperately in need, probably the worst need we have--in that if you don't have running cars, you can't get to work and earn the money to pay for running cars...


I'm trusting God, but I'd love to see Him work through His people!

Okay, begging over. New blog post of actual value (!) to follow soon.


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