Thursday, February 25, 2010

Enough spamming, already!

To all the "Anonymouses" out there who want to sell me something, advise me that they have a great offshore pharmacy that can get "drugs I need" at cost, tell me about the Next Big Home Business, or pitch any other product, service, or obscene suggestion...


I don't know WHY, precisely, I'm getting these spam comments in the box. I've had blogs for something like four years now, and until a few months ago, I NEVER got Spam in my combox.
Now, the only comments I GET anymore are Spam.
I could, of course, turn commenting OFF for awhile. That might deter 'em. But who wants to do that?
Who wants to be held hostage at the point of malicious e-mail pens?

Just remember this, all you abovementioned pests:
You're being reported, every single last one of you, to your ISPs.
Yeah, I know, that doesn't scare anyone anymore. But it might keep you busy finding new URLs to spam from, and in that case, at least it'll keep you off MY blog for the time it takes you to find more aliases. Hey, anything that works...right?
The rest of you? Yanno, those five people who actually read this?
Start commenting, already. If we fill up the box, those pests can't get in. :-)


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