Friday, January 01, 2010

After Seeing JULIE AND JULIA...

...a movie I really did want to see, I have two lingering impressions:

1) Okay, Hollywood. I get it. You thought Senator McCarthy was the Antichrist (or you would think so, if you believed in Christ in the first place), and you think much the same of conservatives, especially Republicans. I GET IT. You can stop slapping me across the face and telling me what a godless, unenlightened pig I am for being one.

Oh, wait a minute. That's right. You're the godless ones. Never mind.

On second thought...I've got an even better idea. In the true spirit of making amends to victims of arrogance and thoughtless discrimination, just give me a rebate of a dollar or two on my ticket price or movie rental fee for every line you insist on shoehorning into an otherwise delightful story in order to perpetuate your own little agenda. Imagine...making reparations to real victims (people who think they're getting entertainment and instead get insults and propaganda), and putting your actual cash money where your (smart aleck) mouths are, for a change. 

Yeah, I ain't holding my breath on that one.

2) I'm going to blog way more often, way more regularly. :-)

Bottom line: great movie, despite the needless politicizing. So see the movie--but see it for as close to free as you can.  :-) Mustn't dirty the hands of these ideological purists with any more filthy American dollars than we have to. I know they just hate when that happens.


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