Tuesday, March 03, 2009


No, I haven’t been physically body-checked into the boards…but I have been up to my eyebrows in work of late. Yanno that other post about how the freelance work was coming in, and people were starting to ask for me to do stuff….? Yeah, that work.

Not to fear. I will be posting in more detail soon. In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves in the combox. Throw me some new ideas for stories. Or just commiserate. I’ll be over here if you need me…


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Deb said...

So, how is the Third Angel idea coming? When last we spoke, it was "on the brew." Is it beginning to jel? Come now, a little news here!

In news from Casa Chaos & environs, one of my groups may be doing a "Reliquary" round-robin story that starts in the Middle Ages. Who's going to write this part, you ask?

Who else?