Thursday, February 12, 2009

Same Song...New Verse?

For those of you who remember such things, or who pay attention to archives, I’ve mulled over the subject of this entry before...

Only this time, the focus is slightly different, and more personal.

In order not to spill beans I ought not to, I won’t go into too many specifics about the precipitating factors contributing to my present restlessness at my “day gig” desk. Suffice to say that a recent evaluation of my talents and contributions did not yield results I hoped for…and it has made me rethink a lot. It has made me question, not for the first time, whether I’ve been on a path God wanted me to take or am going in the wrong direction.

I’ve come to an interesting hybrid conclusion: the answer is…both.

I say this because, now that the suspense of wondering, “Will they—won’t they?” is over, and I know that where I stand now is about where I was afraid I’d be standing at this point…that it's time to face the fact that I may well have outgrown what is open for me to do here.

It was inevitable: if there’s one common element behind every job-departure I take, it’s boredom. I simply end up being unable to bear an unending future of the same. And that disheartening feeling is happening more and more to me in this particular landscape—and I’m not talking about the rolling plains of Indiana, either.

Unfortunately, on one hand, it’s where I’ll be standing for some time yet to come.

Fortunately, on the other hand, I may not be standing here for an unending future.

Suddenly, as if a dam has broken, the manner in which I’ve been toiling for the last four (plus!) years has started to pay unexpected dividends. After much, much time and effort invested in building the foundation of the beginnings of a true freelance career…it’s finally starting to take off for me.

Due, in no small part, to the immense boost in my abilities and—more importantly—self-confidence that has been engendered by my being here.

In other words…I’m in that delightful position at the moment where, for the first time, people are beginning to seek me out for freelance work. Potential clients are beginning to come to me and say, “We’re impressed with what we’ve seen so far; do you think you’d be a good match for us?”

And I cannot help but believe that I wouldn’t have this great potential beginning happening now if I didn’t take that leap of faith into said Indiana plains then.

So, as one memorable soul put it at ACFW a couple of years back, “It’s all good.”
It’s both…and.

Doesn’t that have a great ring to it?

To me, it has the ring of dreams about to come true.




Deb said...

I love it! Staying put where you like it, and doing what you love? For actual MONEY?

Go for it, I say.

I just wish your Perfect Hometown were closer, is all.


Ian Ransom said...

Congratulations on the development. It seems as if you're truly perceiving the positives right now, and that kind of attitude can spill-over into the entire sphere of the personal/professional life, how you come across to others, what sort of people you attract...all when the general spiritual energy is working. (And we're allowing it to work). That's a great place to be. It means growth and opportunity and, I think, that is one of the truly palpable, most constant ways in which God works via our lives. Faith...constantly actualized. Good on you!


Donna Alice said...

It won't let me leave comments!!

Janny said...


I don't know what the problem is or was with the comment section...I wasn't hanging around here much of late. Maybe a temporary glitch you can try again?