Wednesday, April 09, 2008

If You Spend Six Months of Your Life on Something.... really ought to promote it. So here it is!
Even if you don’t have kids, you might just plain enjoy leafing through this book; it’s gorgeous. Plus, it’s got all kinds of neat crafts you can do, should you be so inclined—or goodies to cook and bake, should that be your calling. :-) And since I spent the greater portion of six months of my life buried in, fixing problems with, collaborating with the author and designer to work on, and sweating over the final result of this book—yes, I have a vested interest. It’s a great book, and the author’s a hoot.


Donna Alice said...

Cool, right in time for our girl's camp. I thought there should be a book like this for a long time.

Janny said...


If you enjoy the book, be sure to let the author know. She is one of the great ones. :-)