Monday, September 10, 2007

WOW, WOW, and WOW again

Talk about a pertinent addition to our conversation! Just stumbled upon this today while browsing Google looking for...well, you can probably tell what I was looking for, and if not, I'll be glad to elucidate after we do this Required Reading for the day. I couldn't have said this any better, British or not. It's just a pity that even though he gave this presentation some time ago, that so much of it, alas, is still true... But read this. It's long, but trust me, it's worth it. In spades. And if you've a heart to do so, share it. It's worth the trip. Awesome, awesome, awesome, and Amen! Janny


Deb said...

Whoa. This guy didn't pull any punches. I've been told so much of this drivel, so many times. "Oh, we can't show your character as being divorced--we might offend someone!"

Yeah, right. Like there are no divorced folks out there on our mission field.

And I've never seen a coreligionist of mine slap his hands with his face in shock when confronted with a divorced person.

Get real, folks. Jesus dealt with adulterers, but we can't show them in CBA fiction.

No thanks. I'm just writing as I feel the story and I'm not going to worry about "offending" anyone. I wonder if the booksellers' association has ever done any scientific study of how many potential readers are "offended" by a book, during the average year?

Deb said...

My apologies. I re-read my post and realize that it could be construed that I equate divorced persons with adulterers. I do not. I was typing fast & getting my thoughts onto the cyber-page. This was NOT my intention and if anyone is offended, please forgive.


Donna Alice said...

I finally got to read this too. Excellent. Yeah, the CBA is too strict in what they approve--gee, wonder how the BIBLE slipped past them. Lots of stuff in there on the disapproval list.

I was told not long ago that one of my middle grade characters shouldn't "borrow/steal" a book because that was so wrong. Like none of us ever took something that didn't belong to us as 9 year olds? To have her "find" the book wouldn't have had the impact when she finally learns her lesson.

Deb said...

Go for it, Donna. Have her steal the book. Life is out there to be written about. And your point is well taken: wonder how the Holy Word would read if written to CBA guidelines?