Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Brief Pause for a "Catholic" Commercial...

...from a very articulate Protestant. Great stuff! Me, I'll pray for this guy's conversion to the Roman Church, if for no other reason than that he has his head on extraordinarily straight. That cannot be said, alas, for many of the mention the misguided (brain damaged?) souls over last forty years who have yammered about the "Spirit of Vatican II" while importing clowns and other nonsense into the liturgy. In the Church I love, all too often, the old Pogo comic quote comes to mind: "We have seen the enemy, and they is us." So, as this gentleman so eloquently put it, it's good news for all of us when the Catholic Church starts acting like the Catholic Church again. Viva il papa! More to come, Janny


Deb said...

Gotta love this guy's name. I don't speak French, but doesn't L'Hommedieu mean "God's man?"

For me his point is about 2 degrees off the mark, but not more than that. See, the Roman church is somewhat unique in that it has one person to speak for it. We Prods don't. That said, what is the "universality" among Protestants and how is it expressed?

Ask a Lutheran, you'll get one answer. Ask a Pentecostal, you'll get something entirely different.

My church (defined as, the global body of believers in Christ Jesus, including Roman and Orthodox Catholics) is hardly beyond criticism. I once teased Janny that Prods have a tendency to "discover" a single Bible passage and camp out there. "Aha!" they say. "Here's the tongues of fire sweeping through the assembled faithful at Pentecost. Let's start a denomination!"

It's not quite that bad, but almost.

If there was someone (?) to speak for Protestantism with the same unified voice (and I doubt all Catholics are unified behind the Pope in all things), it would indeed be the voice of a committee. Its pronouncement would sound something like: "Umm...well...uh..."


Janny said...

Yeah, I noticed that about the guy's name as well. Talk about a name fitting a profession!

One minor point does need to be made, and that's in respect to the statement "and I doubt all Catholics are unified behind the Pope in all things."

The unfortunate fact is that Catholics, especially American Catholics, seem to think that the Pope is somehow an elected official who is supposed to reflect the views of his constituency (them), and if he doesn't, they have the option of disagreeing with him and still calling themselves Catholic. Neither of these statements is true. In the matter of faith and morals, you can disagree all you are still bound to obey.

(In the matter of individual opinion--when the Pope is not speaking ex cathedra--it's another story. And there are things that, were I ever to talk to a Pope one-on-one, I'd certainly want to take the opportunity to at least ask about!)

But in the matters of faith, doctrine, morals...there's no "backing" or "not backing." There's simply obedience or disobedience.

To clarify, substitute "Christian" for "Catholic" and "Jesus Christ" for "the Pope." As a Christian, you don't have the option to decide whether you want to "back" Jesus. You obey Him. Period.

And, despite what dissenting Catholics claim, you can't have it both ways. They lie to themselves, they lie to their children, and they lie to their world. Unfortunately, the world is way more willing to take those lies as representative of what "Catholics" think than to honest-to-God ask a FAITHFUL one what SHE thinks.

But if they do....
(mwah haah haaaah)

Catechism lesson over. As you were.