Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So what day is it again?

If you are an alum of Gonzaga University… My calendar at home says today is your feast day! But all the online sources say it was last Thursday. Such is the nature of online information versus print versus… Sheesh! In other news, your favorite blogger (me) has been sidelined temporarily due to an extravagant workload in the day gig, as well as some past crises on the home front. Things are relatively calm at the moment, although I'm broke…still waiting on a freelance check. Will write more when time permits! Janny


Donna Alice said...

Wondered where you'd been--this is the first blog I check every day. Although I should talk--mine was updated yesterday after a long hiatus.

Deb said...

You WILL get past this slump. I guarantee this with all the artichokes I can find.

And if you're wondering about a saint's day, I'd go with the print version. It's been around longer. And it only takes one slip to create a typo on the 'net, which other 'net sites will copy, and so on, and so on...