Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hot diggity! Someone's reading this!

Don't laugh. :-) My son made the comment about the commercial where two guys are talking about blogs and the one guy says, "your blog readers...meaning your mother?" And this was after I'd read and commented on his blog! Didn't even think of it. But I was seriously considering taking this blog down entirely. CWC has been sitting up here for awhile without a great deal of attention being paid to it...until recently. Recently, the site visits have crept up, the comments are starting to show up here and there, and in short, there's actual communication going on. And that's the idea of a blog in the first place! Of course, I did read yesterday about commercial bloggers who are making advertising money in the tens of thousands of dollars per year by posting about various business "inside information" and selling advertising from the people and businesses who post...but quite frankly, I'm not sure I want to work that hard in that direction. Not that I'd mind making money off a blog! (Yes, and how soon do I want to leave the day gig?) But I think I can find better ways to make money off the internet than selling advertising for a writing blog. Maybe this will become the Next Hot Thing on the block, and people will want to line up to be seen on Catholic Writer Chick. It is to be fervently hoped that that happens! And if it starts to, I WILL advertise for help in selling advertising--so any of you who have that kind of bent and background, don't hesitate to comment here. In the meantime, I'm going to begin posting more frequently about writing in particular and the Catholic world view (at least the world view of this Catholic chick) in general. Happy reading and writing! What are we reading lately? FIRST LADY by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Enjoying it, wouldn't necessarily run out and buy every other of her work, but at least I'm not pitching it across the room like the last SEP I tried to read. Jury's still out on whether it ends up being "satisfying," but it did bring to mind an unfortunate (and rather silly) mindset that propels a lot of women's fiction, especially romance, and which I first noticed on soap operas years ago. I'll post about THAT curiosity shortly. In the meantime, have to get back to at least pretending to look like I'm working... More later, Janny


Donna Alice said...

I'm so happy to see a new post by you today! Having recently discovered your blog (via a friend from ACFW), I enjoyed reading it. To think you were even considering taking it down---DON'T please.

I'd love to see more writing about Catholic writing, the world view and such from a Catholic "chicklit" viewpoint! Having just sold my first book for children, I'm finding there are not many of "us" out here to compare notes and the Catholic writing life. I think it was from your web page that I read something about how there is a predjudice against Catholic writers.

Write on and I'll keep reading!

The Koala Bear Writer said...

Hi Janny - yeah, sorry, no email contact on my blog! I'm keeping it semi-anonymous. I have enjoyed reading your posts though. It's been fun finding other Christian women writers out here in blogland.

The Koala Bear Writer said...

Comment 2 - completely agree with Donna Alice! I was also thrilled to find another Catholic writer out there, and there is definately some prejudice against Catholics in this world. And I had to remember which blog I found a link to your blog on so that I could get back here (I found you on Carolyne's blog "Words in the Wind")! Do keep writing!