Saturday, February 18, 2017

No Rants, Just Write (ing)

Much as I know you're all enjoying the snarkiness of Ms. Mentor and her Word Wrestling...I have to confess now to being distracted, in the best possible way.

I am writing. And writing. And writing. On MY BROTHER'S KEEPER.

Yes, it's going slowly in one sense. I'm still feeling my way through a plot I've already streamlined in my head, distilling it to pure essential parts that ought to pack a correspondingly powerful emotional punch. I'm pulling out the emo as far as I can get it, and then I'm going to pull it out some more.

And by then, the balance of plot and feelings ought to be about right. :-) (hah!)

Part of what's doing this is sheer determination on my part.
Part of it is a new spiritual exercise in which we're engaged.
And part, it must be said, is due to a present I've given myself: a masterclass taught by one of the luminary authors of our time, and one, I will admit, who inspires me by his sheer success alone. (Not to mention creating Alex Cross.)

I've only listened to the first couple of lessons here--the beauty of this being that I can progress at exactly the pace I want to, and I can keep these around forever. But just listening to Mr. Patterson talk is firing me up. Inspiring me, if you will. Because he says so much of what I believe about writing, what I feel about it, and what I needed to hear from someone who doesn't go all "academic" or artsy-fartsy on you. 

He sells like crazy, like we all want to, and I want to know how he does it.
Every step of it.
In the process, I can reaffirm that I, too, CAN do this thing.
Which is a priceless thing to remember...and very easy to forget.

So I'm busy. If you need me, e-mail me. Or text me. But don't be surprised if it takes a little bit for me to answer you. Right now, I'm spending some quality time with some people I really like: Doug, Julia, Abby...and James Patterson.

Watch this blog for more updates as we go!


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