Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Notice the Nifty New PROGRESS?

Yep, I'm cooking on CALLIE'S ANGEL.

On one hand, you could look at old files of the beginnings of this book (which I have) and say, "Uh, yeah, chickie, it's over two years."

Or you could look at the updates that have happened in the last two months...and rejoice.

Prior to a couple of months ago, I had barely 21,000 words on the book.
Now, I'm pushing 58,000. And while this book is still a BEAR to write...I'm knocking down word counts 1,000 or so at a time, and will worry about making things "perfect" later.

Suffice to say that it's been hard getting back into the groove of trusting my fiction again.
But it's also renewed my desire to "just sit down and write" again, too.

And yes, there IS a secret behind this burst of activity. But I'm not sharing it right away.
I'll wait until a first draft is done before I do that. 
(Mwah hah haaah)

Make 'em laugh...make 'em cry...make 'em WAIT.

Now, can't you hardly WAIT to read this book?

More later,