Thursday, February 06, 2014

God, Working in Mysterious Ways, Part II

OK...we've had the interview. Two hours late, but at least we had it. That's a story in itself.

But, I digress. :-)

So this is the first installment, I take it, of what could be several. I am frankly fine with whatever decision Redeemer Radio decides to make here--the position is focused on creating a morning show slot and all the components that would entail, in collaboration with the board, the executive director, etc., etc., ad infinitum. And I do mean "ad infinitum": they're not anticipating this actually going live for MONTHS.

Yep. Not only not immediately, but not for several months into the future. Until then, the candidate would be hauling into Fort Wayne every day during normal business hours, working on this plan. What is going to take them months to put together, I really don't know. Thirty days, I'd understand. Six months (which was the figure proposed to me)? Not so much. It's a morning show on a diocesan radio's not a nuclear summit. :-)

We have a saying here at Glenfarg: "Things move slowly in Indiana." Apparently this is going to move VERY slowly. The up side? By the time I finally got on the air, EVERY duck would be in a row. The down side? By the time they're ready to run with this, every viable candidate may have already lost interest.

'tis a puzzlement, to be sure. 

I'm just glad I'm a writer right now, if you know what I mean. :-)

More to come...

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