Monday, February 03, 2014

God, Working in Mysterious Ways Again

Under the category of "Be careful what you wish for..."

We were driving home from church yesterday, with my hub doing the usual interpretive reading of the Sunday bulletin (trust me on this, it's not to be missed), when he read off a job listing for our local Catholic radio station: morning show host. I shot my hand up in the air and said, "Me, me." Facetiously. 

To which he said, "This job's got your name all over it."

To which I said, "Yeah, right."

By the time we got home, I decided I'd look on the job ad and see what it entailed. I mean, clearly, it means being on the radio in the morning; duh. That part's a no-brainer. But I was expecting a job ad that detailed how many years of broadcast experience one had to have, asked for an audition recording, or the like.

Buuuuut...that wasn't what I found.

Instead, I found an innocuous-enough-looking job ad with criteria that I met: four-year degree. Broadcast experience. (OK, two years at a college radio station, forty years ago...but it counts.) Practicing Catholic (check) in good standing in the Church (check) with a demonstrable history of service to the Church (also check). Zeal for the Faith (check), ability to do research (check), able to be extemporaneous (check), sense of humor (check), and a team player (well...we won't go there too far). The only things I don't really have are any extensive background in theology, and any recent broadcast experience.

Added to that the fact that I have NO IDEA what I'd do on the air from 6-8 AM.

However, I know what I'd LIKE to do on the air from 6-8 AM if I had airwaves to do it on. I'd like to set up a combination of things to get people's days off on the right feet--or end their nights on said right feet, if they're just coming off graveyard shift.  In other words, what I'd like to do is get people smiling. We've got enough prayer, current events, discussion of theological books, repeats of syndicated programming, etc., on Catholic radio in this town. IMHO, what we don't need first thing in the morning is another classroom. What we need is something that's going to snag the audience that would normally listen to the Christian radio stations: music, pertinent morning-drive data (weather and traffic), and uplifting personalities.

I can be an uplifting personality. Given enough incentive, coffee, and cash. Also, given a microphone, I will quite happily cheer people up if I can. Just ask people about how I read Scripture at church.

Thinking all that, for a lark, I sent in a cover letter and a resume. I readily admitted my last broadcast experience was 40 years ago. I readily admitted to being a freelance writer, not a broadcaster by trade. But I also freely admitted to being a person who, given a forum, is not at a loss for things to all you can attest. I sent it off electronically, then pretty much forgot about it. By this morning, I was convinced that not only didn't I really like the idea of getting up at 3 AM to drive into Fort Wayne five days a week, but that the Fort Wayne end of things would take one look at my letter and resume and say, "Nice try, lady."

Only they didn't. 
They called.
They're going to give me a phone interview on Thursday morning.

What in the world might I be getting myself into???

More to come,


Janka H. said...
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Janka H. said...

CONGRATS ! Fingers crossed !