Monday, January 20, 2014


In the interests of strict editorial correctness, I must amend something here.
In a post I wrote some time ago about great commercials, I admitted I loved the DirecTV ads "even though I wouldn't in this lifetime have a satellite dish." Or words to that effect.
Well....that isn't exactly true anymore. Because the only carrier we could GET for our TV service in this location, with the channels we wanted, was...DirecTV.


But, if you're expecting me to say, "It was the best we could do, I'm putting up with it"...think again. Because, much to my chagrin...I LOVE my DirecTV.

Yeah, it goes out in storms occasionally.
But other than that?

It gives us the best package of channels we can get, the ones we truly want, without being prohibitively expensive, and it's truly easy to use.

Yeah, I'm surprised, too. But it's good to be able to still be surprised. 

So much for hidebound opinions. :-)


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