Thursday, January 23, 2014


Yesterday, I wrapped up a small assignment from a freelance client, and I was done.
I had NO more work waiting for me to do.

This is not the usual state of affairs.
Usually, I always have something waiting in the wings--something from Stylish Eve, something of a sample to give someone, something that is hanging over my head waiting to be looked at, edited, or answered.

Right now, I got nothin'. 
That must mean I need to get busy continuing to type FROM THE ASHES into a text file, so I can work on polishing it up to re-submit it out there. 
And it must mean that it's time to look at some of my own work before the next wave of posts comes in, the next client asks me for something out of the blue, or some other demand comes into the picture.


Talk amongst yourselves for a while. I'll be back.


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