Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Support These Ladies!

Facebook's being a tool of the liberal media and trying to run them outta town...or at least off Facebook. Yep. Apparently, COTR's brand of "social media" is considered to be...what?? Anti-social?  (Facebook  takes no action whatsoever against abusive, threatening, or vile liberal sites. Just so you know. They have allowed sites to exist with impunity that basically call for the murder of conservatives, called for Romney's assassination, and, of course, we mustn't forget how "surprised" Facebook was that any sex offenders would use it for child porn. GASP! I know you're stunned.)

But these ladies are conservative and make no bones about it. You know. Like 53% of the country is, until the Democratic election machine takes over and changes the vote. So I guess FB figured it was  time to start clamping down on every single Constitutional right a conservative has...since we've already been disenfranchised as of the last election. We're not gonna fight back, after all...

Heh heh.
Let's quit taking this nonsense lying down, shall we?


UPDATE: Apparently, there's been an "apology" from Facebook and some amends are being made. We'll see. A little negative news coverage can sometimes be a wonderful thing...

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