Friday, January 18, 2013

Maybe I Should Just Call This...

...the Catholic Fiction EDITING Chick at Large. 
Maybe that way, people who don't like editors won't be tempted to read  it. :-)

Because I gotta tell ya...
I've got a way different perspective on the writing life from the time I've spent on the other side of the desk, versus the perspective I had before I did so.
I had a hunch.
But hunches aren't the same thing as spending a mile in my red pen's shoes.
And some people don't like what I conclude after swimming in all that red ink.

Just sayin'.

Being an editor has not made me a kinder, gentler human being.
In fact, it's made me appear to be downright rude, in some people's eyes.
Part of me wants to say, "Tough."
(Can you tell I'm a Robert Irvine fan? LOL!)
Part of me wants to pull back and say, "Hmm."

Maybe I should just stop editing anything at all. Permanently.
If it's gonna turn me into the female Robert Irvine, there are gonna be a lot of people who won't stick around long enough to find the soft marshmallow inside the tough shell.
The only question the tradeoff worth making.

The fact that some people have stuck around is good.
But you know what they say.
You draw more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Good thing I don't want to draw flies, and never have. :-)

So if you're not a fly (which I assume you're not, since you can read, and I've rarely met any flying insects who can), and you can take the occasional caustic nature of this blog, I invite you to stick around. In fact, I encourage you to stick around and read a lot more of it.
I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Even if I don't change its name to discourage those who don't like snark. :-)

More on this as I mull it over!


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Deb said...

I know the marshmallow -- and I can say with all certainty, she's worth sticking around for.