Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Resolutions...Final Tally

Well, it's accounting time.

I did a partial accounting of the resolutions last September, as a progress report of sorts. But the only official accounting, naturally, is the one that happens on New Year's Eve.

So how did she do?
When we left our heroine, she had made six resolutions:

1. To lose 10 pounds.

2. To send the thank-you notes and birthday cards.
3. To stay, as much as possible, away from Catholic media, for particular reasons.
4. To make two new friends.
5. To stop being so damn practical about my writing and start enjoying it again.
6. To calm the "contrarian" within. 

The results? I've done moderately well at some of them, and failed miserably at others.
I didn't lose the 10 pounds. In fact, the main reason I wanted to lose some--my son's wedding--actually turned into a point where I was heavier than I was when I'd MADE the resolution in the first place. So that was a colossal fail.

The irony? I lose weight best over the holidays. That's because from about Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve, I never stop moving. All that activity burns off calories, and I don't often eat a lot during that time, either. Ergo, if I try to say I'll lose 10 pounds from THAT may be setting myself up for disaster.

I sent thank-you notes, at least some.
I sent some birthday cards.
I sent some birthday greetings via e-mail or Facebook.
So that wasn't a total fail by any means.

I stayed away from Catholic media quite a bit. This being an election year, the media was plastered all over my Facebook pages sometimes, whether I wanted it or not. Overall, while I've gotten hot under the collar a few times and blasted a few salvos (witness the post in this blog on the morning after the election), on the occasions in which I've strayed into too much media that irritates me too much, I have generally been able to stop myself before it eats me alive. There's a lot of NASTINESS online, and unfortunately, Catholic media aren't exempt from this. There are some good, positive places I've found to hang out, and I've had to block/hide several dozen posts from Facebook over the that's at least progress. 

That also covers controlling the "contrarian" within; I've had to force myself NOT to feel that I must go around "correcting" everything that seems stupid, wrong, or misguided around me. If I try to do that, I have no time to do anything else. Which is stupid, wrong, and misguided in itself. Ergo, I'm redoubling my efforts to look at the bright side of things and say, "Not everything is my fight. In fact, very few things are worth any fight at all."

This is a win. I intend to keep it up. :-)

I haven't technically made two ALL-new friends. However, I HAVE connected on a deeper level with two people I like very much and whom I was already friends with on a surface level. I've also made more efforts to connect with people I was acquainted with and make them better friends--let them see more of my personality. I've made a point to reach out to several people with specific encouragement, compliments, or fun stuff. So I'm getting better at this people thing. That's a win.

As for my writing? I've dealt with that in depth in the previous evaluation, so I won't belabor it here. However, my new resolution for 2013 is to finish THREE BOOKS.

Yes. Indeed.

Which means that a lot will change with how I structure my writing time, from the get-go.
I intend to edit less and write more. I intend to Facebook less and blog more. I intend to sit down and screw up my courage and give myself as many pep talks as necessary to believe that I do, in fact, still "have it" when it comes to storytelling. (That isn't a given, and that isn't a constant belief. So I feel another resolution coming on. :-D)

All in all? I think these resolutions were a win. The weight thing is always going to be a mess; I may as well just accept that. If I get my other stuff in gear, I will lose weight without thinking much about it, and that's a better resolution to have than trying to lose X number of pounds by X date.  We'll see how I fare in 2013 with some different strategies.

So what are my resolutions for 2013? Well, you'll just have to wait for tomorrow to see those...IF I make any at all!

How'd you do on YOURS?


Monday, December 03, 2012

Always A Bad Idea...

...writing a book when you're functionally illiterate.
Unfortunately, too many people do just that.
And it's beginning to wear on the CFWC. 

My days as an editor may be coming to a close, if the latest stuff is the best they can hand me.

More later,
Janny, who needs a "quiet room."