Friday, August 03, 2012

Progress Report...Six-Month Version

Evaluation time!
At the beginning of this year, I made six resolutions:

1. I would lose 10 pounds.
2. I would send the thank-you notes and birthday cards.
3. I would stay, as much as possible, away from Catholic media, for particular reasons.
4. I would make two new friends.
5. I would stop being so damn practical about my writing and start enjoying it again.
6. I would calm the "contrarian" within. has she DONE? 

As we used to say years ago, "mensa mensa." (A phrase that, oddly enough, had nothing to do with MENSA itself.)

1. Not only have I not lost the 10 pounds, somewhere in there I believe I put on 5 or so. That inevitably happens the moment I declare to the universe that I'm going to lose...something happens and I gain. It also happens in the transition from winter into spring and summer--the fat layer I burn off keeping warm, I put back on. :-)

I think I've finally traced down to what the problems were.  The fix? I need to eat "cleaner" again. Which means almost no carbs at all. Basically fruit, protein, vegetables, nuts, and some dairy. I'm also boosting my iodine intake (to speed up the thyroid) and taking some over-the-counter HCG drops.

Now, before you yell at me for that stuff, rest assured that if I DON'T like what's happening with those things, I'll discontinue them. But I've tried pretty much everything else. I've tried  patches, metabolism-booster drops, bitter orange, Metabolife, Sensa, been on Atkins and then Weight Watchers online, done the "Weigh Down" workshop, even tried those godawful soy "meal replacement" shakes (ala Slim Fast). Trust me. If there was a system out there to try to lose weight, I did it.  The system I had the most success with was Atkins, and even then, I dropped 10 pounds and then stopped cold.

When I lost 50 pounds, some 30 years ago, I basically followed a low-carb regimen as well.  (Some people say I followed a low-FOOD regimen, and they may be partly right. :-)) The disadvantages I have now are a 59-year-old metabolism instead of a 29-year-old one (and it makes a difference)...and, of course, my penchant for BAKING...

I'll keep you posted. :-)

2. I've done pretty darn good at the birthday cards. The thank-you notes? There haven't been a lot of them to write, but even those, I've had trouble with. Of course, considering that I'd be writing them for presents my husband got (!), maybe that wasn't my problem to begin with. :-) I'll endeavor to keep up with the anniversaries, birthdays, and whatnot as the year goes on.

3. I have discovered that it's almost impossible to stay away from Catholic media, even online. One Facebook membership and a few prominent Catholic friends send me more *stuff* than I can read, even if I want to, and most of the time I DON'T want to. I AM, however, a subscribed to Jimmy Akin's Secret Information Club.  I will always enjoy EWTN and Fr. Z's blog (What Does the Prayer Really Say?), which are voices of sanity amongst all of it. I do need to cut myself off further from the rabble and their rousing, however; that way lies madness.

4. Making two new friends, unless you count making clients INTO friends, is more challenging for a person like me than it might appear. The good news is, I have plenty of people I know peripherally online whom I could cultivate to becoming closer friends. This needs to be worked on, which is also tough to do with the amount of sheer other WORK I also do online. (Sometimes, you just like to be unplugged.) As for making friends face to face in this local environ...that is also easier said than done. That in itself could be the subject of an entire blog post, but just suffice to say that a lot of people here KNOW they're not the friendliest creatures God placed on earth--they admit it freely. :-) Which, in an ironic way, makes them all the more approachable. So there's progress. Just not big numeric progress.

5. I'm having mixed results on the "taking the writing more from the heart" approach. This is still in a simmering stage. More on the last two of these things in a future post, since this one has become loooooonnnnnnger than anyone should have to read on a blog site!

More in part 2 of the Progress Report, which will follow shortly. <G>


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