Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Anyone Know a Good (Cheap) Body Shop?

...because this morning or some morning this week, I'm going to have to go out and retape my Stratus together.

Yep. You heard that right.

We have a perfectly good 2004 Dodge Stratus in a lovely silver color...with a LARGE owie on its rear driver's side fender. We're talking shattered rear end, large holes, etc. Courtesy of an ex-boyfriend of my daughter's who backed it into one of those gas-station barricades. Made some five years ago.

Body work is expensive. We didn't have "expensive" in our budget then, and we still don't.
The ex-boyfriend promised to pay for it.
He disappeared shortly thereafter.

So this week, I get to take silver and gray duck tape and do my annual Retaping Of The Fender. The good news is, when I tape this sucker, it stays for a year. :-)

The bad news is...when and if we trade this car in eventually, that tape job will not substitute effectively for the real thing.
It is to sigh.

I just had to vent that. :-)

More later,

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