Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yet Another Reason to Despise Ohio State!

...not that anyone should need one. But this year, there's another splendid reason.
(We knew they wouldn't let us down!)

Namely...their reaction during the Sunday tournament selection show. 
When most teams are unleashing confetti, being cheered on by a crowd behind them and cheerleaders in the front row, or at least high-fiving each other or hugging or whatnot, what did these guys do?
They sat slouched in their chairs and applauded.

Like the kind of polite applause you give your boss's 8-year-old who plays the piano, but not very well...only you know you have to applaud, because it's the boss.

Half of them looked like they could barely stay awake. The other half looked like they were pouting because they didn't get a #1 seed.

Now, Kansas did a little bit of that disconcerted look at not getting a #1 seed. They didn't look all that happy.
But at least they looked like they were still pleased to be going to the NCAA. As if it was a privilege.
(Which it is, by the way.)

But not dem Blackeyes. 
They were like, "Ho hum, next?"

So I think, in the interest of public service, Loyola University of Maryland needs to knock them out in the first round. After all, we mustn't tax these kids too much. Clearly, they're not up to the challenge and won't enjoy it; they obviously need to be at home watching the rest of the proceedings, instead.


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