Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So How Do You Fill Out YOUR Brackets?

Okay, I admit. I always want to do two NCAA tournament brackets. Sometimes, I DO two brackets. :-)

There's the one I think has the faintest chance of coming TRUE: that's the one where I'm picking 1s over 16s, I'm picking teams I've heard lots of buzz about, I'm picking teams I may have seen play--or I'm giving them credit for previous strong years in tournament competition, and not hearing anything to the contrary. I'm picking favorites, teams I think will honestly triumph in the end.
I fill out one bracket that way, with my head. :-)

Don't get me wrong; I will put in my share of 4-13 and 5-12 upsets in those, if I get a hunch about a team or one is particularly "hot"--or, I just like the idea. Sometimes those pan out pretty well. Two years ago, I picked 11 out of the first 13 winners in the first round doing things that way--by sheer intuition.
It was the second round where things blew up! 

But the SECOND bracket...there's the one I WISH would happen.
That's the bracket where the #16s all knock off the #1s...just because it'd be so danged fun to see that.
Last year, we did end up with #1s exiting the premises rather quickly, and that was fun to watch--but it wasn't at the hands of a #16.
We've been CLOSE to having that happen. It just hasn't happened, to my knowledge, yet.

And the other part of that bracket consists of teams getting knocked off just because I either don't like them, they've been there umpty-ump times before and it's someone else's turn, or the like.
(mwah hah haah)
That's the bracket wherein I will pick ANYONE to beat Duke...
ANYONE to beat Ohio State...
ANYONE to beat North Carolina...
ANYONE to beat Michigan State...
And, in a pinch, almost anyone to beat Kansas and/or Kentucky.
Depending on who's been the media darlings that year, a couple of other teams might make it into that mix. 

For a long time, I rooted for anyone to beat Cincinnati, for example. Because they played dirty. 
By contrast, can anyone honestly say they didn't love every minute of Butler's recent run?

So there's always a bracket I pick with my heart. I don't share that one much, but it's there.
The teams I pick with the heart sometimes DO win.
Not all that often, unfortunately.
But sometimes...they do.

And that's what makes this time of the year fun.

Not watching the #1s congratulate themselves...but watching a #14 go nuts on the sidelines when they've knocked off a team no sports hose in the country gave them a chance against.

The games have already begun...but the brackets are only starting. 
It's tough either way. But it's still FUN both ways, too.


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