Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Wanted: $10,000 and a Third Car, not "just because." Although that'd be nice in itself. 

And there are people who'd look at that title and think, "Where does this broad get off?"
In answer to the second question, I used to get off the "L" at Fullerton to go to DePaul.
Then I got off at Jackson for Roosevelt.
But that's probably not what you meant. :-)

Anyhow, these two things would be BIG stress relievers.

Yes, I know more money would relieve plenty of people's stress. But in this particular case, $10K will help save our house in the event the mortgage company decides they don't want to work with our attorney...

...and a third car isn't a luxury in our house; it's truly needed.

We get by now with two cars, even though there are three of us who have places to go, because we can work around schedules for the most part.
But there may be a time when the college student needs to be at school during a time I also need to be elsewhere...and the husband is working swing shift 40 miles away.

It's not a viable option to drop him off at work, then drive at midnight to go pick him up. Trust me on this. We've DONE it, but it's not much of an option.

At present, we can get by--as long as there are absolutely no emergencies here at home while one car is in Fort Wayne and the other one is in Warsaw.
I don't like to think about what would happen if there WAS such an emergency and I needed to get somewhere. Because quite frankly, I'd be up Wabash creek without a paddle.

So my requests for now are twofold: means to hang onto the house and means of transport.
Both may be solved soon anyway, if my freelancing career continues to heat up.
But just sayin'...having a leg up on these two things would be really, really nice right about now.

And yes, I do dream big. Why do you ask? 
(heh heh)

If anybody knows anyone with a philanthropic bent, send 'em here.  We'll do the rest. 


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Donna Alice said...

I'd settle for one car that actually works - every part all at the same time. I know, I know . . . there are people who've driven one all their lives. It must be soooooooooo nice.