Friday, January 13, 2012

Teacher, Teacher!

Today, I interviewed for a contract position teaching romance writing through an online education source...that sells its products to 200+ universities and other schools. :-) I'm figuring that's a heck of a potential market for people who want to buy my books. (hint, hint...)

*(buy my books!)

Only downside? It'll be a loooong time before the course is live. We have to set it up, get it written, formatted, designed, edited, proofed, etc., etc., etc., down the line. It could be a year before this thing is up and running. And that only comes after the educational company's board approves *me* as the instructor.

The good side? Should everything go according to plan, if I'm a hit, this is pretty much guaranteed part-time income for as long as I want to do it.

But...onward to more freelance moneymaking in the meantime.
Of course, if enough people buy my books, I won't have to worry about the time involved in preparation of a course or the like...which is precisely the point of it all, after all.

(*buy my books!)

(*this is subliminal programming, by the way. how's it working?)

heh heh!

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