Friday, January 27, 2012

Okay, This Is Tacky

I have the good fortune to be on the mailing list of a well-known, multipubbed author who has the kind of success I'd like to have for just one year. :-) I like hearing about her latest stuff, her travels, her projects...
... but what I don't like is her latest wrinkle. Stickers. With HER BOOK dates on them. Yep. So you can put them on your calendar to remind you WHEN HER BOOKS COME OUT.

Uhh...yeah. Tacky. With a capital T.

I don't care if it was thought up by marketing gurus. I don't care that this woman is wonderful, nice, sweet, and too good to be true otherwise. It's STILL tacky.

To any other authors out there thinking of doing this? PLEASE don't.
You are not important enough in my life for me to stick you on my calendar.
Don't get me wrong. You're important.
But just not THAT important.

Calendars are for doctors' appointments and dentists' appointments and appointments to do things like Get The Car Fixed and Get The Cat's Shots (or vice-versa). They're not for cluttering up with darling little STICKERS saying "Don't forget to run to the store and spend more money on this woman's books!"
And if I ever get the idea to do this to my all have my permission to slap me.



Deb said...

You can send me one for the date your next book is due out. Nobody else better, though. Oh -- Blythe Gifford can. But nobody else.

Donna Alice said...

I've finally found your blog again! This is what I have been missing in my life - your solid voice of reason shining through the writing world like a candle in the darkness!!

Janny said...


There you are! And what a fabulous compliment. :-) Now...when would you like to review my new book?

Tacky? What do you mean? :-)