Sunday, January 22, 2012

New EZine Debuts! (with Contribution from Yours Truly)

The official press release:
Port Yonder Press' new quarterly ezine (mainstream, for ALL readers), premieres this Tuesday, January 24th, at 5:00 p.m. CST at  Along with nearly two dozen columns, we also have CONTESTS!  One of the two contests is a "first responder" contest - that is, a 3-book giveaway for the one who FIRST fulfills the qualifications listed.  The other is a random free chapter critique for leaving a note on the ezine's blog page.  Further, 2nd quarter TEAM PYP short story contest results will be posted then (look for the TEAM PYP tab when you get there).  Port Yonder Press is "A Horizon Beyond" and we'd love you to join us as we unveil our new ezine - BEYONDARIES!  
And yes, I've written something for it: not sure what the column "series" name will be, but I'm doing nuts-and-bolts writing "tips," with the first column being "Where Do You Get Your Ideas?" This basic material comes from chat and from  the "12 Weeks to Submission" program, with a little dollop of refinement. I anticipate this being a regular feature. :-)
So come on down on Tuesday and check it out! 



Laurel Hawkes said...

Good for you, Janny!

Janny said...


Thanks! It's always nice to be part of a new venture, and this one looks to be a good one.