Monday, June 27, 2011

On the Verge of a Thrilling, Exotic...STAYCATION!

Just finished a major proofreading project for a major client, and so I'm feeling a little dazed. Want to be lazy. Want to do things like spend 2 hours playing Bookworm. (!) :-) (Don't give me that, you know you do it too.) But I do have a couple of smaller projects to do this week, albeit not high-paying ones. And then...PM is off on vacation from July 1 for almost two weeks, so I need to make a "honeydo" list for him, now, don't I?

Go somewhere on vacation? Yeah, right. When you're underemployed, your idea of a vacation treat is a chocolate dipped cone at the DQ.
 I wish it could be different. But it never has been.

I would actually love to take my husband somewhere really away from here, come to think of it. But I had to rob Peter and Paul both to take us on the one non-sports-related trip we've ever had, other than our the Smokies, in 1998. For our 20th anniversary, we did a weekend in Chicago (we were in Lombard at the time, so that wasn't exactly getting to the edge of the earth!) ...and then had to come home and have one of our cats put down. (Can we celebrate, or what?) And while I have done my share of writers' conferences, some more memorable than others, those aren't exactly "vacation" trips.

One caveat needs to be said here, though: I will say that 2005 was a treat of a half-year in itself, as we proceeded to see a great deal of Michigan baseball while we had the income to do so. Yes, while that's also not technically "vacation," those memories of seeing #1 son play as a Wolverine were worth every single dollar...and then some.

So I guess it's not like I've never gone anywhere...I've just not gone a lot of different places, just for recreation and fun, over the years!

The bottom line? I don't know why some folks think the idea of a "staycation" has just come about due to various economic crashes or recessions or the like. I guess for some people, the idea of making a "vacation" close to, or at, home is novel enough that it's actually fun.

But for some of us, staycations are mostly all we've ever known. And sometimes, that makes us sad.

Just sayin'.

Off to find a little more cheese to go with this whine. :-)

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