Sunday, January 02, 2011

This Week: Rainman's Bride, Revisited

...uh-yup. It's that time again. Pitching one book, getting into another.
And yes, Rainman's Bride is another "golden oldie."
But, like the other book of my heart I've just reworked and am sending out into the big, bad world, this one isn't really "old" anymore. I have a new concept for the book.
Totally new.
And so totally out of its former box that we may as well sell the shattered lumber as scrap.

Somehow, in the transition between computers old and broken and less old and less broken, Rainman's Bride's new incarnation didn't get transferred onto a hard drive.
But fortunately, it did get transferred onto hard copy.
At least as much of it as I had written...which amounts to about five chapters' worth.
I've got plenty more of it still to write, so I'm gonna be a busy puppy for awhile.

Anyone have a few hundred thousand dollars they want to spare to invest in me for, oh, say, about the next five years? So I can stay home from the ADJ and write these books? And sell them? And...?

Not to worry. I've got more ideas where this one comes from.
My only problem now will be trying to carve out the time to write, and write, and write some more.
Because I need to.
Because these stories are damn good, and they deserve to be out there and sold.
And read. my wildest dreams, I will readily admit...made into movies.
My style will work well for the movies, because I write a) visually and b) episodically.

Beat the bushes, folks. Find some generous person who's always dreamed of being a patron to the arts.
I can guarantee them they'll enjoy the trip. :-)

More to follow!


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