Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Title, New Focus, New Attitude!

Yep, what you're seeing is different up top, isn't it?
It's time to make a change.
I'm still a Catholic.

I'm still a chick. :-)
I'm still writing.

But over the years, I think some people have thought that the "Catholic" part of this title was its importance. Some of them thought it'd be much better if I bit the bullet, got rid of all the frivolity, and simply turned this into a religious blog.
I thought about it. I did. But in the end, I decided that wasn't where I lived. There are tons of good religious blogs online; I don't need to try to one-up them. So, while I'd love to win a Catholic blog's gonna have to be for something other than turning this into Doctrine Central.

Some people have preferred the "writer" tag. All the professionals I read out there say this repeatedly: if you're writing a blog about writing, make it about nothing but the writing trade and professional things.
But I was reluctant to turn this into Yet Another Writer's Marketing Blog So That You Will Buy My Books and Services. Again, there are a lot of good blogs out there by multipublished authors; it's premature to turn this into something like that, when I literally have little between covers to sell to anyone. Yet.

Besides, I happen to love the personal side of a writer's blog. I can look up her book information on Amazon. It's much easier to get to know her, however, through what she says about herself.

So I got myself a web site to show off my editorial-consultant and writing-consultant hats.
It's at, by the way, should you want to take a gander at it.You'll see a lot of the same blog posts there that you see here, if they're pertinent to writing.

Finally, some people have really loved the "at large" part...including the blog's author. Because then, I could ramble on about, oh, whatever I wanted to talk about. Be it music, sports, writing, food, wine--it was fair game. Hey, the most traffic I ever got was when I called LeBron James a punk. (Funny, how months after I put that down and got pelted with nonsense because of it...lots and lots of people ended up saying the same thing. But I digress.)
"Other stuff" can sometimes get you attention you don't want. But there come times in everyone's life when she finds it necessary to say things some people don't like. That's what I've done, now and then, over the years. I don't do it to "generate traffic." I don't do schtick for its own sake. Nothing has ever been on this blog that I don't believe and stand behind. So even if you don't like what I say, rest assured I'm not saying it just to provoke anybody. It's what I'm thinking and feeling at the time.
That being said...
After doing some evaluation of my online presences, I realize that, like most people, I have too many of them that I'm not attending to properly. And, if I'm going to make a mark in this writing business, I've got to more clearly identify who I am on this blog and what my ultimate destination is. I've said a lot about it in other blog posts...but if it's not in the title, if people don't know what your emphasis is right off the bat, you lose a few of them before they ever click through.
Hence, the new title. And the new "motto" beneath it.
I am a novelist.
I am a fiction writer.
I work in nonfiction to make money, when I need to.
I work in nonfiction as a day gig, until I don't need to anymore.
That day may come sooner, or it may come later.
But in the meantime...I need to brand myself now as a fiction writer.
Not as simply a "writer at large."
Not as simply any ol' kind of writer.

And not as someone who's just rambling about without knowledge she can share with others.
I'm a fiction writer who can also teach other fiction writers how to do "story" better. I have happy clients and crit partners who will attest to that fact. I'll be happy--nay, ecstatic--to take on more of those kinds of clients.
So spread the word.
The Catholic Writer Chick is now, officially and irrevocably, focused on Fiction.
She can teach you how to write it, if you're so inclined.
She can help you polish it, if you've got a start.
Sometimes...she can even help you get it sold.
And she's going to make it as a fiction writer, period, or spend her last bit of computer time, energy, and printer ink trying. :-)
Amen and hallelujah!
And the line forms at the right....

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Millie Samuelson said...

Sounds great -- and brave -- and right on! Success and satisfaction blessings. . . :-)