Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Despite a heroic effort, the Bulls fall to Cleveland--er, to the officials in Cleveland, one of whom, apparently, was LeBron James  for the night. Figures.
Never mind no other player in the league would get away with that. That's immaterial, and obvious, and we all know it.
But plain point of fact is...
If Derrick Rose gets the continuation on that shot on which Shaq about took him apart...at the VERY LEAST this game goes into overtime.
If he hits the free throw, it's game for Da Bulls.
Funny thing is, at least one official HAD called continuation. Shot, and a free throw. Probably, with the way Derrick was hitting the free throws, it's a guaranteed 3 points.
UNTIL LeBron starts talking, and suddenly the call is changed.


The Bulls had to play 5 against 8 tonight and damn near won it anyway.
Good game, guys. Too bad there was an extra un-official referee out there whose opinion apparently carried more weight than the "real" ones could muster.
There are very few words blistering enough for the letter that John Paxson should be sending to David Stern and the head of the NBA officiating crews at this point...
...but I'm sure he can think of a few. :-)


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