Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LeBron James is a Punk.

And the sooner the Bulls show him the floor at United Center, the better.

Yeah, okay, I know, he’s the “best that’s ever been,” at least in his own mind—although without a championship ring to prove it, his talk is just talk—but isn’t there anybody else in this league who’s getting tired of this little jerk and his on-the-court antics? It was bad enough when he was dancing on the sidelines taunting the Bulls from his OWN bench and no one did a thing about it; now, he’s doing it openly on the court, in the course of a game, and no one’s STILL doing anything about it.

No one. That includes his coach, who clearly cannot handle this kid. That includes the officials, who don’t have the testosterone to get in his face and tell him, “Enough’s enough.” In the NFL, you can’t get away with what this punk gets away with on the floor. You get a penalty for it. You lose yardage. Heck, in college football now, they’re even talking about taking away points for celebration penalties.

So why has NO ONE done ANYTHING about this classless kid and his classless act?

When LeBron entered the league, he was amazing, and he seemed to have a pretty good attitude to go with it. Sure, he had an ego—you can’t get to professional ball without having a strong sense of your own ability. But, unfortunately, unlike many other talented players—Michael comes immediately to mind—this kid has proven that while he’s still an amazing athlete, he can’t handle fame. It’s gone completely to his head. And it’s time someone got in his face and told him so.

Can you see a Bulls team with Michael and Scottie putting up with this nonsense?
Can you see Phil Jackson not allowing his team to put this jerk in his place?
Can you see the officials, the NBA, and all the sports hoses’ reaction if a BULL tried to pull this crap?

Joakim Noah makes a couple of offhanded remarks about Cleveland, and he’s a villain.
Brad Miller delivers a hard foul to someone who probably clobbered him all night long, and he’s a “dirty player.”
Kirk Hinrich gets tossed into the stands by Rajan Rondo, and it’s somehow HIS fault.
And Derrick Rose, the Rookie of the Year and an All-Star, can’t go to the basket without at least one defender hacking him across the arm, shoving him under the basket, or tossing him onto the floor…yet somehow never shows up at the free-throw line.

No, being good at basketball skills doesn’t give you the right to taunt. (Maybe your mother didn’t teach you manners, LeBron, but the rest of us know this.) Nor does it give you the right to get away with goaltending and other repeated violations, and then yammer about how great you are to the point where you’re an embarrassment to your team and your league, with impunity.

It’s time that stopped.

I vote that we take one player—maybe a nice young upcoming star like J.J., with a little meat on his bones—and we willingly send him out there as the sacrificial lamb. The first time LBJ gets the ball, I vote we use some size and some speed to plant him on his rear end in the lane. Or beyond the free-throw line. Or, preferably, somewhere over the scorer’s table. And every time thereafter, we make sure that someone on the floor makes sure that if they have anything to say about it, he won’t attempt a shot without feeling it.

Sure, it’ll get us a technical and ejections and fines. But it’ll be worth every single foul, every single fine, and every single negative reaction the sports hoses have to it.

Pride always is. Self-respect always is. And it’s time we Bulls, our organization, and our city—not to mention our fans—got back some respect.  If the league won’t give it to us, that’s fine; we can do our own dirty work. We usually have to, anyway.

Michael, Scottie, and Dennis (not to mention Stormin’ Norman) would never have put up with this punk longer than it took them to knock him down.

Neither should we.
Enough is enough.



Anonymous said...

Hahahaha what a pathetic piece of garbage this is.

"He doesn't know how to handle fame."

That's where you lost me. Not one person affiliated with the NBA would agree with you. His record is unblemished, he's great in the community, has never been in any trouble off the court, never got into drugs or alcohol despite being cast into the limelight at age 15.

He's been constantly and consistently scrutinized for A FULL DECADE and he's only 25 years old. And guess what? No accusations of domestic abuse or rape. No DUI's. No gambling issues. No infidelity. No screaming at reporters. No treating a journalist like shit. Nothing.

Not to mention that the kid is a basketball historian, constantly mentioning those who have come before him and paved the way. No fewer than once a month he references some great player from the past to acknowledge that the only reason he can do what he does is because of those men.

You are pathetic and this piece of shit blog of yours should be taken down. It's just embarrassing that anyone may stumble across your worthless rant and actually believe it.

Janny said...

Gotta love replies like this one! May as well paint a target on your back, kid. You asked for it now.

Okay. Let's talk about what a great guy this kid is...since he's been under all this (fawning) scrutiny (from people who've done nothing but rave about how great he is) for all these years, since he was 15 (I dunno about you, but in my country, it takes longer than that to graduate from high school. Just sayin'.).

So...if he's such a sterling citizen, how did he miss the lessons on basic sportsmanship or manners on the court? Why didn't a coach bother to illuminate him this? Whomever you are, hiding behind anonymity as you did!--that's STILL the question I asked in the first place. And you STILL haven't answered it.

If he's so beholden to all these great players who went before him...then why doesn't he IMITATE THEM ON THE COURT? As in, cut the crap, quit taunting the opposition, put your head down and PLAY THE GAME the way you're supposed to?

Curious, how you didn't address that. You were too busy calling me names and blasting my blog.

As for him being "unblemished" simply because he's been in no trouble with the law off the court, hasn't been drunk behind the wheel, hasn't beaten up on women, hasn't raped anyone, hasn't killed anyone, and hasn't--that we KNOW of, anyway--had any problems with gambling? Hello? That's the MINIMUM we expect of good citizens, Champ. That's what's called simply obeying the law. When we start praising kids for simply NOT DOING ANYTHING ILLEGAL...how far have we fallen in our perspective of what makes up character?

As for not treating reporters badly--again, HELLO? They bow at his feet. When you've got an entire press corps basically telling you how great you are and lavishing the praise...when you get endorsements for products before you've played a lick of basketball at the professional level, which he did...you have no reason to yell or treat anyone badly. And again...you're praising this guy simply because he's NOT being rude to people who practically worship the ground he walks on? To use your own favorite word, how pathetic is that?

If LeBron wants a lesson in character, the mirror isn't where he ought to be looking. But fans like you do him no favors by giving him a free pass on stinking up the court with his antics. And neither does the NBA. But, of course, when a fight finally erupts because someone comes along who isn't going to take this from him anymore...they'll all wonder why.

I agree with you, it's probably embarrassing to anyone with such simplistically low standards of character to stumble upon this blog and get the other side of the coin.
But then again, who knows? Maybe if you stick around long enough, you'll learn enough use of the language to a) address the issue actually brought up in the post (which you didn't); and b) broaden your vocabulary beyond "pathetic" and "shit." There are 600,000 words in the English language, son. Come back when you've learned some.


James said...

Sportstime64 got it right. Lebron's a bad guy for showing some passion and having some fun on the court? There's nothing wrong with Lebron's sportsmanship. Maybe he doesn't have enough Catholic guilt weighing down his demeanor so you don't like his comportment. This is a well-written article, but your premises are laughable and unfortunate.

Janny said...

"Passion" and "having fun on the court" do not equate to taunting the opposition unless you're raised in a society where rude is OK.

And only when you've been raised where rude is OK do you consider this premise "laughable." It's not. This behavior begs for retaliation. Is that what anyone really wants?

All I know is...the guys this kid supposedly admires so much wouldn't have behaved like that on the court. OR if they did, they would have expected to get slammed to said court at the first available opportunity, and that would be that. Unfortunately, in basketball now, we have the dichotomy of being as rude as you like, paired with PROTECTING that behavior on the behalf of officiating.

It's not a nice mix. And disliking seeing this joker do his "thing" has nothing to do with the mythical "Catholic guilt" people who don't know what they're talking about are so quick to blame for...pretty much anything they don't want to hear. But it does have a lot to do with sportsmanship, and I still maintain this kid's totally lost his somewhere along the way.

If you want passion, watch Joakim Noah play. Not this guy. I loved LeBron when he came up. I have no use for him now. The only difference? A few years of fawning obeisance by a sports media that loves the flashy and the rude at the expense of the solid, dependable, and classy.

Nothing laughable about THAT, either.


Janny said...

Sorry, folks...for the absence of a couple of other comments.

But if you call me an "asshole" for expressing what I did, you don't get your words put up here.
Ditto with telling me to "fuck off."

I rest my case on how some of you were just plain raised to be rude.

And clearly, no one went and learned any new words in the meantime. :-)

So, no...you may have good points. But if you can't make them without calling me names and using vulgarity...you're not part of the solution. You're part of the problem.

And, inadvertently, you're only proving my point.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha gee, are you, I don't know, perhaps a BULLS FAN?

Give me these examples of him "taunting" his opponents.

Noah is a prick. He made fun of the city of Cleveland like a third-grader. Then he went out and led his team to a loss...again. He's classless and that's not my opinion, that's been the general opinion since he was at Florida.

You hear what the pathetic, barely-in-the-NBA Bulls players were doing during the game last night?

They were taunting James from the bench (where most of them have spent the vast majority of their very forgettable careers), saying that he can't make jumpers. They dared him to shoot. Classy, right? So classy on their part.

Guess what. He didn't say a word back. Just started knockin' down shots. Again and again and again. Until the sad, sad Bulls limped home with their tale between their legs.

Janny said...

1. EVERYONE makes fun of Cleveland. Even people who live there. Noah said those things tongue in cheek, at practice, for heaven's sake. He didn't say them to the Cleveland bench. The fact that the media can't resist picking up on this stuff and spreading it around is a whole other story, clearly meant to get the home crowd riled up. They needed it, too. Notice how quiet things got when the Bulls had the lead? So much for faithful fans.

2. You clearly missed most of the game you claim to have seen and heard, if you actually expect me to take seriously your comment about LeBron saying "nothing" and just going out and shooting. He did nothing BUT yammer at the Bulls' bench for most of the game. Pointing, gesturing, saluting...yeah, those are classy moves. He was clearly playing to his home crowd and having fun doing it. Was it classy? Not on your life.

Actually, it's painfully clear that we'll just have to agree to disagree on this. But trust me on this. Derrick Rose has more class in his pinky than LeBron has right now in his entire body. Maybe he'll learn from this. Maybe he'll wise up. I hope so. Because, let's face it...he'll be in a Bulls uniform next year anyway, and then I'll HAVE to cheer for him. :-)

You have a nice day!


Janny said...

To sportstime64-

(whoever you are)

Actually, yes, I DID delete your one comment because you used foul language. If you don't believe that, you're free not to, but that's one of the few things I won't tolerate on this blog. I actually was tempted not to post ANYTHING you said because of the word "shit" you chose to use to characterize this.


This is a blog from a Bulls fan, one who's tired of seeing her team get pushed around, get injured, get taunted, get disrespected, while no one ever does anything about it. If someone picked on your team that way, eventually you'd get fed up, too.

And,by the way...I didn't advocate anything being done to LeBron that hasn't been done to the Bulls players, time after time, year after year, with the league choosing to look the other way. There aren't even FOULS called on many of these things that are clearly attacks, clearly meant to hurt players. Of course, they won't ignore it if it happens to one of their anointed "golden boys." It's just a shame the rest of us can't expect the same treatment.

Don't bother to answer this. All of your comments from now on will be automatically deleted. No, not because you "make me look stupid." But when you call a blogger stupid, an asshole, and a liar on top of it...unlike my Bulls, THIS I can do something about.


Rev. A Smooth said...

You can thank Mr. Noah for his words of encouragement. Next time tell him to keep his big mouth shut about Cleveland.

Chicago fans have no right to complain after those comments. LeBron is just able to back it up.

Janny said...

Chicago fans aren't complaining about any comments LBJ made--although that's certainly something that could be added to the arsenal, if they wanted to.

They're complaining because the Golden Boy gets away with a lack of sportsmanship and petty taunting that should have him sitting on the bench, not getting his mug plastered all over national TV with TNT and other "cheerleaders" giving him a free pass and considering it "charming." It's not charming. It's cheap, and rude, and we all deserve better.

Quite frankly--and I know most of you who've told me how stupid I am won't understand this--I DON'T CARE how talented a guy is; if he acts like a jerk on the court, his coach ought to be in his face telling him about it. The fact that no one will tell this kid how stupid this stuff looks, and how immature he's coming off, and all the rest...means that either you don't know any better yourselves, or you don't care what the kid does, as long as he keeps putting in those jump shots.

Yeah. THAT's what sports is all about.

Noah made ONE comment, as a joke, offhandedly, to a reporter's question. He didn't dance on the sidelines poking his finger at the opponents' bench in a game last December. He didn't salute them in mocking fashion every time he knocked down a jump shot the other night. And he hasn't been getting away with really SNOTTY behavior on the court since the beginning of this season. (Of course, he doesn't have Shaq covering his back, either. Pure coincidence, no doubt.)

Yeah, Noah was no bargain when he came into the league, and most Chicago fans will tell you that without a shred of hesitation. The difference between what Noah's done and what His Silliness has done is that, in the ensuing years, Noah's started out as a mediocre player and made himself into an athlete; LeBron's started out as as superior athlete and made himself into a mediocre example.

And no, it doesn't matter how many disadvantages LBJ had to overcome, how the spotlight was on him, etc., etc. If his family hadn't wanted the spotlight on him...they could have turned it off. He didn't have to sign shoe endorsement contracts before he'd played a minute of NBA basketball. He didn't have to have his face plastered all over the tube with soft drink commercials and everything else. When you SEEK the spotlight, you have to be ready to handle it, off AND ON the court. There are a million kids out there who grew up in one-parent households, who can't play basketball like this, who don't have the money and attention this guy does...yet somehow, they manage to stay out of trouble AND remember their manners. Why can't he?

Continuing to let this go on is everybody's problem: the Cavaliers, the NBA, but most of all...the "fans" who consider there's nothing wrong with what this guy is doing. Someone, somewhere, is going to get fed up with him when Shaq doesn't have his flank...and then the NBA will wring its hands and claim not to have seen the ensuing hard foul and/or fight coming.

They're lying to themselves, and so is everyone else who thinks this is all fine. It's not. It never was. And it never will be...No matter how many points you can pump into a basket to cover it.

Troy said...


Janny said...

So the Cavs win. So what?
Doesn't change a thing I said about his character. What part about that didn't you all GET?

He's a supremely talented athlete...who behaves like he is--and ought to be regarded--the center of the known universe. I'm not alone in thinking so, either, as NBA referees have spoken to the Cavs about his game-delaying rituals on frequent occasions. One of these days, it is to be hoped, they'll get fed up enough about to to levy a fine or some meaningful punishment. Can't come soon enough.

Michael Jordan was a supremely talented athlete who didn't have to indulge in nonsense to draw a spotlight to himself. A kid who claims to idolize #23 so much that he wears that NUMBER ought to have caught on to the rest of it by now, don't you think?

So he'll probably be wearing a ring at the end of the playoffs? Again, so what? We all know lots of punks out there wearing sports championship rings. It's just a shame he hasn't so far chosen to rise above them.