Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Help Bring Christmas--and a Warm House--to CWC!

Well, we did it....we're on the way to bankruptcy protection. Chapter Seven, to be exact.

This will actually be a great relief, after what we've been through over the last two years--but in the meantime, it's going to make for a rather bare Christmas.

Unless, of course, there are some angels out there ready to kick in. :-)

I never, ever like asking anyone for anything--but in this case I'll make an exception, so that I can provide at least a giftie or two in a stocking hung by the chimney with care...and buy a tree.
Yanno, little tiny things like that. And I'm waiting for a furnace man as we speak.

Anything anyone feels drawn to give, trust me...we will appreciate it beyond words.
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