Thursday, August 06, 2009

And Then They Wonder Why People Don't Read Anymore...

From Publisher's Lunch:

Gotham Chopra's SPIRITUALITY FOR DOGS, written with his father, Deepak Chopra, pitched as Tuesday's with Morrie meets Marley and Me, a moving conversation between a father and son on the spiritual lessons we can draw from our dogs, their loyalty and instincts in particular, and Gotham's effort to find resonance in the teachings of his father so that he may be able to pass them onto his young son, to Brenda Copeland at Hyperion, in a good deal, by Robert Gottlieb and Eileen Cope at Trident Media Group.

I know it's considered bad manners to complain about agents, editors, or the like passing on your work...but it must be said, Trident passed on my novel a year or so ago. I guess it's my bad not to realize that a romantic suspense novel with a heck of a paranormal element to it couldn't possibly hold a literary candle to Gotham Chopra's DOG.

Silly me. Shoulda had the cats write it.


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Deb said...

This is where the whole concept of "platform" gets ridiculous. Some publisher marketing whiz (probably aged 24 or so) thinks, "Hey! We could sell a grocery list with Chopra's name on it! Let's dash off a quick note and see if he has a pet or anything..."

So are ridiculousnesses born.