Friday, April 03, 2009

Get Out Your Cutler-y....'s Jay Cutler as the new quarterback of the Bears. Exeunt Kyle Orton and, I believe, two tackles. And within five minutes of each other on ESPN Radio this morning, I heard one football "expert" declare that not only weren't the Bears better off with this deal, but they'd just gotten way WORSE...and a second one say, "This was a GREAT move. Cutler is a stud superstar in the making." ...which is why my son doesn't bother listening to sports talk radio. :-) More in a bit, I know I'm scandalously overdue for a good post! Janny


Deb said...

Now, if this follows the usual Chicago Sports Pattern, watch Orton in Denver...he will probably suddenly become a superstar at reading the defense, at throwing the ball and connecting with the receivers.

I cannot wait to see him do for Denver what he didn't do for the Bears.

And Cutler? I'm in wait-and-see mode.

Janny said...

Actually, I think Kyle Orton will have a season-ending injury in the third regular-season game, decide to retire at that point, and Jay Cutler will proceed to slice apart the Central Division with great glee on his way to winning the first of five consecutive Super Bowls for Da Bears.

You heard it here first.